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Would you like to use Circus workshops as an activity for your group or class. We can come to your location, or you can come to Slipstream Circus in Ulverstone.

Circus training and Live Performance provides a safe space where we connect to create our strong and inclusive community.

Slipstream encourages aspirations, to dream, believe and create through participation in special programs pitched at supporting Tasmania’s current, emerging and future performers. Circus is a great way to develop self-confidence, creativity, concentration, positive risk taking, discipline and problem-solving. It is a great opportunity to do something different with participants with a combination of creativity, balance, strength, gross-motor skills.

As the birthplace of the careers of some of the country’s, if not the world’s, leading circus artists, Slipstream is highly respected in the Arts community and has a team of highly skilled trainers to work with you to create a program of workshops that engages students and can be used by Drama, Sport or Health and Well Being.

To book workshops with us please contact Kathy at [email protected] with the following information for a quote.