Frequently Asked Questions

Term times and dates can change depending on availabilities within Slipstream Circus, with this in mind we usually aim to have our terms coincide with schools – and normally start our term the first week back (even if there is a pupil-free day)

See our classes here for our full class descriptions and current timetable.

We’d like to ask that all parents or guardians simply drop students off and only return to pick them up.  

If by any reason a parent or guardian needs to be present for the duration of the class please contact [email protected]

Please bring a water bottle, a positive attitude and ensure your hair is tied back! 

Please DO NOT bring valuables to Slipstream Circus!

Please wear appropriate clothing to train, ideally comfy workout clothes, but nothing baggy, we don’t want you to hurt yourself!

We also ask that no jewellery, watches, belts or zippers are worn during classes as these may damage our mats.

The very best attitude! 

Slipstream Circus is fun, we want every participant to have the best time and for them to try their very best within one of our classes. 

There is no eating within the training space, this helps us keep our gym as clean as possible.

This is to be discussed with your trainer directly, we’d like to ask that you do not bring in equipment without first talking to your trainer. 

We have a strict no borrowing of equipment unless discussion with your trainer or Slipstream Circus staff has happened first. This is so that we know where everything is at all times. 

All communication to Slipstream Circus is via email.

Please contact Slipstream directly on [email protected]

We sure do. As per our terms and conditions, to minimise the risk and impact of contact for our community, we ask you to drop children off for their class and return to collect them. Any concerns regarding this should be directed to [email protected]  

If there’s a specific question we haven’t answered in our FAQ’s please get in contact with Slipstream Circus directly on [email protected]